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Illustrated below is Remote Desktop Manager main screen when applying the Default (Ribbon) style. Two other styles exist as can be seen below. See the User Interface options topic for instructions on how to change the current style.




Default (Ribbon) User Interface Style

Default (Ribbon) User Interface Style


Read the following topics for more details on specific areas


Quick Access Toolbar

Ribbon / Menu

Navigation Pane

Content Area

Panes (Footer)

Status Bar


Default (menu) User Interface Style


The differences between the styles are only in the top pane area. The Ribbon has been replaced by a standard menu, and the Quick Access toolbar is not present.


Default User Interface

Default User Interface



Classic UI (v7.X) User Interface Style


The Classic UI is our previous version's default style. It uses undockable panes and has a standard menu. Users that have been using Remote Desktop Manager for a long time may prefer this style for its minimalist interface that they are used to.


Classic User Interface

Classic User Interface