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Open a Remote Connection

There are two ways of establishing a connection. It is possible to either:

Add entries in the connection list.

Use the Quick Connect feature.

Depending on the method, Remote Desktop Manager can use a completely different application or library. For example, the external mode for Remote Desktop uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop's client (mstsc.exe), and the embedded mode uses the Remote Desktop ActiveX control.

Configured Connection

There are many ways to open a session:

Double-click the entry in the connection list.

Press enter while the entry is selected.

Use the context menu (right-click).

Click Open Session on the Home tab (ribbon).

Use the commands in the dashboard.


All entry types have a default action associated with them (e.g. Open, Navigate URL). These actions are executed when you use any means described above. The default action is often "Open", but you can modify it for certain entry types.


Remote Desktop Manager provides three display modes:


Embedded (tabbed)


Please note that not all sessions support the three modes. It depends on the integration and the availability of the third party application.

Display mode

Display mode

External Mode

With the External mode, the session is opened as an external process with no direct link to Remote Desktop Manager.

This display mode usually launches the native application. For example the native application for RDP is mstsc.exe. The external mode will automatically run on the Primary monitor. Depending on the type of session, an external mode session view will be updated if Remote Desktop Manager can detect that its running.

Embedded (tabbed) Mode

An embedded session runs within Remote Desktop Manager window and displays tabs at the top of the Dashboard. This mode centralizes the opened session in the application which makes it easy to switch from one to another.

There are several session-specific actions available by right clicking (Contextual Menu) on a tab title.

Web session opened in Embedded mode

Web session opened in Embedded mode


While the embedded mode is useful in some cases, you may prefer to move the content in an external window. If so, this can be easily done using the contextual menu. Remote Desktop Manager will create a new window to contain the tabbed session allowing you to move it anywhere else (i.e. on another screen).

To dock the content back to its original place, use the context menu by right clicking on the window icon.


Undocked session window context menu

Undocked mode supports different configurations for multiple monitor setups.

Open with parameters

You may specify different connection options when opening an entry. Click the arrow below Open Session on the Home tab or use the right-click context menu.

Examples of special actions:

Open Full Screen.

Embedded/External Display Mode.

Console or admin mode with the RDP protocol.

Force prompt for credentials.

Open with or without the configured VPN.

Open from a template.