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This entry is used to define and configure a Gateway session.


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Gateway - Connection

Gateway - Connection




Automatically detect RD Gateway server settings

The RD Gateway server settings will be detected by the application automatically.

Use these RD Gateway server settings

Indicate the specific settings to connect on the RD Gateway server.

Server name

Enter the RD Gateway server name.

Logon method

Select the logon method between:

Ask for password (NTLM)

Smart card

Allow me to select later

Use a gateway access token

Gateway access token

Provide the access token if the Logon method is set to Use a gateway access token.

Open gateway only when unable to ping host

Establish a connection with the RD Gateway server only when it's not possible to ping the remote computer.

Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses

Bypass the RD Gateway server when connecting on a remote computer who has a local IP address.

Use my RD Gateway credentials for remote computer

Use your personal RD Gateway credentials to connect on the remote computer.

Do not use RD Gateway server

Don't use any RD Gateway server to connect on the remote computer.



Gateway - Advanced

Gateway - Advanced




Workspace ID

Enter the Workspace ID that contain the setting associate to the RemoteApp and Desktop ID.

Use redirection server

Redirect a remote computer to the RDP session host.

Alternate full address

Indicate an alternate name of the remote computer that you want to connect on.

Load balance info

Indicate the load balance info when the load balancing feature is enable on the RD Connection Broker.