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VMware Remote Console (Deprecated)




This entry is used to define and configure a VMware Remote Console session. VMware Remote Console provides console access and client device connection to VMs on a remote host.


Auto Login

Copy Password

Credential repository


External Mode

Multi Monitor Support

Show Opened Session



About VMware tools and their lifecycle


Support for VMware Remote Console prior to v8 has been removed from Remote Desktop Manager in version 11.5.3.


The VMware remote console is a technology that has underwent many changes over the years. It used to be a browser add-in, but this has been deprecated. We have had to make a hard choice and remove support for the older variants from Remote Desktop Manager. The v8 release is a standalone executable that is readily available to VMware license holders.


The VMplayer has also suffered through many changes, now it is available for non-commercial use only, which makes it unavailable for most of our community. It is still supported though.


For a short while before they released v8, VMware had stated that the VMware remote console would no be available anymore. The PowerCLI console would be the only option. This is what it used when you choose Default as the console type.




VMware Remote Console - General Tab 

VMware Remote Console - General Tab


Virtual Center / ESX(i) Server



Server IP/DNS

Enter the Server IP address or DNS.

Passthrough Authentication

With pass-through authentication, a client can send credentials directly to an upstream server, without sending credentials to the local ISA Server.

But if you want to pass through your domain credentials to the Virtual Center server.


Enter your username to connect.


Enter your password to connect.


VM Name / Configuration



VMware Dashboard Type

Select your VMware Dashboard Type between:

Default (PowerCLI Open-VMConsoleWindow)

VMWare Player


Always Prompt for VM Name/ID

Prompt for the virtual machine name and user ID every time you connect.

VM Name

Enter the virtual machine name.


Virtual machine ID.

Full Screen

Run your virtual machine in full screen mode.