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Passsword Templates



Password templates set requirements for the password format: characters usage, patterns, readability.

Password templates are available in the password generator. Password templates can be optional or required.



Create a Password Template

1. Go to File – Templates, and click Password Templates.


File – Templates – Password Templates

File – Templates – Password Templates


2. The Password Templates window provides an overview of current templates, as well as add, edit and delete commands.


Password Template Window

Password Template Window


3. To add a new template click Add (plus sign).


4. a) Enter a template name.

   b) Choose a Mode and configure the settings.





General settings about length and minimum amounts for characters and symbols.

Advanced settings

Granular character settings (e.g. special characters and symbols, inclusions, exclusions).

Readable password

Settings for syllables, numbers and symbols.

Use a pattern

Set a pattern for the passwords using the key.

Pronounceable password

Settings for length, case, digits and characters.


c) Choose specific settings



5. The password is now available in the Password Generator (Tools menu).


Use a Password Template with Password Generator

1. On the Tools tab, click Password Generator. Or open the password generator from an entry .

2. To choose a password template, select the title from the list. Default is equivalent to no template, until it is configured by an administrator. When you select a template the options are unavailable because they were saved in the template.

3. Click Generate to list possible passwords.


Password Generator using a password template

Password Generator using a password template


Set a default Password Template

The default template in the Password Generator is set to "no template" until an administrator configures the template.


1. On Administration, click Data Source Settings.

2. Click Password Templates.

3. Choose the template. The chosen template will now be the Default in Password Generator.

4. If you want to force one template, check Force default template. No other choices will be available in the password generator.


Data Source Settings – Password Templates

Data Source Settings – Password Templates