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Use the File - Options - User Interface - Dashboard to control the information and actions displayed in the Dashboard.


User Interface - Dashboard

User Interface - Dashboard







Auto focus dashboard

Automatically focus the dashboard when an entry is selected.

Use classic dashboard

Use the old dashboard interface.

Allow special open actions in the Dashboard

Display hidden actions in the dashboard to open session with different parameter.

Show parent in connection name

Display the parent folder and entries in the folder in the Entries tab in the Dashboard.

Allow Open (Prompt for credentials)

Prompt the user for credentials when an entry is launched through Open with Parameters.

Allow Open External and Open Embedded switch

Display buttons to open session externally or embedded





Display mode

Determine how the entries are displayed in the dashboard when a folder is selected. Select between:

First level only: only the entries and the folders located directly in the selected folder are listed.

All sessions: all entries are listed recursively.

Default (all if not more than...): All entries will be displayed if not more than the defined number.