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Quick Connect



Use the options under File – Options – General – Quick Connect to control the Quick Connect settings. Consult the Quick Connect topic for more information.


General – Quick Connect

General – Quick Connect




Quick Connect



Quick Connect prefix

Customize the Quick connect prefix. This prefix appears in the embedded tab title and logs.

Open embedded by default (If embedded mode is available)

Open an embedded window when a quick connect session is launched. If unchecked, the session opens in the external client application.

Sort quick connect entries

Organize the quick connect history items in alphabetical order.

Clear "Quick Connect" on exit

Clears history when closing RDM. When unchecked recent hosts are available as a dropdown list.

Auto select text on focus

Automatically highlight host name when user clicks in the quick connect text box.

Auto select text on focus

Select the complete text in the quick connect field when quick connect is selected.

Show select host button

Displays the ellipses button opening a Computer List window

Show default templates

Include default templates for:


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Wayk Now

SSH Shell

Web Browser (http/https)

Apple Remote Desktop



History (max)

Indicates the maximum number of quick connect entries to maintain the history list displayed in the drop down list.

Clear Quick Connect History

Use this button to clear the quick connect history drop down list.