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Devolutions Localizer

What is Devolutions Localizer?

Devolutions Localizer is our custom translation tool for our client applications.

So far, with the help of several generous and talented members of our community, Remote Desktop Manager has been translated from English to the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified) Legacy

Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)









Getting Started

An account is required to use the Devolutions Localizer. You can join our team and get started by signing up here:

If you’re interested in helping your fellow IT pros around the world, please sign up to be one of our wonderful contributors. Our Localizer app makes the process very efficient, and you can work at your own pace, and whenever you have time!


From the dashboard view you get a quick progress overview, simply click the “Translate” button and start translating.

Devolutions Localizer

Devolutions Localizer

Keyboard Shortcuts

Devolutions Localizer also features several keyboard shortcuts to speed up the translation process:

CTRL+D: Mark current resource as “Translated”.

CTRL+E: Mark current resource as “Use original”, this ignores any translation text and will display the original value as is.

CTRL+DOWN: Next resource.

CTRL+UP: Previous resource.

CTRL+B: Request Bing translation for the current string.

CTRL+S: Save all pending changes.

CTRL+F: Enable/disable filtering.