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Devolutions Localizer


Devolutions Localizer is our custom translation tool for our applications. We welcome you to contribute to the Devolutions community by translating our tools for the benefit of other users just like you around the world.

Download the Devolutions Localizer translation tool to get started!

A free Devolutions Account is required to log in to the Devolutions Localizer tool.


1.In File – Languages select the language to translate, then click on the Translate button.

2.Choose from which file to translate, then in the lower part, you will be able to filter and review the content already translated or in need of translation.

3.To start select a Resource line in the bottom list and click Translate. The original text will appear in the left window, type the translated text in the right window.

A Bing button is available to assist you translating your text.

4.When done, change the status to Translated for this resource and click Save Changes. This will send your translation to our server and it will be deployed with the next release version of our applications.


You can preview your changes in Remote Desktop Manager prior to the release or view the ones already in place but not yet released.

1.Close your Remote Desktop Manager.

2.In the Devolutions Localizer Dashboard click Deploy – Generate & Start to view your changes, or Start (use existing) to view unreleased changes.

To change the language of your Remote Desktop Manager application to reflect the one you were translating go to File – Options – User Interface – Language. Select the language and click OK. You will need to restart the application for this to take effect.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Devolutions Localizer also features several keyboard shortcuts to speed up the translation process:

CTRL+D: Mark current resource as Translated.

CTRL+E: Mark current resource as Use original, this ignores any translation text and will display the original value as is.

CTRL+DOWN: Jump to the next resource.

CTRL+UP: Jump back to the previous resource.

CTRL+B: Request a Bing translation for the current resource.

CTRL+S: Save all pending changes.

CTRL+F: Enable/disable filtering.