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The Management Tools tab allows you to configure different settings used by the Macros/Scripts/Tools including credentials when the remote credentials are required. It contains all of the authentication settings related to the session tools (e.g. Services, Wake-on-LAN, Shutdown Remote Computer, etc.) available in the application. For example it is used to execute a remote WMI query or a remote PowerShell script.

The applications available are:



Is Online (Ping/Port scan)

Remote Desktop Commander

Remote Management

Home Page

Remote Tools




The settings depend on the tool selected.

Tools side menu

Tools side menu




Use default credentials

Use the default credentials. Please note that the application does not set anything and assume that the current Windows user has all the privileges required to execute the tool.

Use session credentials

Use the same credentials defined in the session directly or in the linked credential entry.

Custom credentials

Use a specific username, password and domain.

Credential repository

Uses a linked Credential Entry which can also be an external credential like KeePass. It is very useful for sharing or reusing credential among entries.

My personal credentials

Use one set of credentials to replace or emulate the ones from your Windows session. See My Personal Credentials topic.

Prompt for credentials

Specify the credentials every time.




Open VPN before execution

Specifies that the session defined VPN should be activated prior to running the Macros/Scripts/Tools. The application will open it if it's not already opened.