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Contains the sub connections linked to this session. It's possible to use variables that refer to this session's field, such as the host name, from within sub connections. This is useful for connecting to the same host with different protocols. Please see Sub Connections Overview for more details.


Sub connections are used to share properties between group of sessions (e.g. the host name). They're also used to regroup many connection types for a computer (e.g. the RDP/FTP/HTTP connection).




Sub connections are configured in the parent connection in the Sub Connections tab page. Use the predefined variables in the child session to get access to the parent settings. The most common usage is to reuse the host name and credentials from the parent within the sub connection.


Sub Connections side menu

Sub Connections side menu


Sub connections can also be added/created by first selecting a parent connection and then with a simple right-click Add - Add... or Edit - New Entry. You will then be prompted with the following dialog:


New Sub Connection

New Sub Connection


Host entry types sub connections

Host entry types are very useful in serving as parents for sub connections. Please see Host topic for details.


Macros/Scripts/Tools sub connections

You can create a Macros/Scripts/Tools entry type as a sub connection.