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Entry Types Logs Settings


This feature requires an Advanced Data Source.


When using a Devolutions Online Database data source, an Enterprise Subscription is required to have access to logging features.


The Logs section controls settings related to the logs of entries.


Entry's properties – Logs section

Entry's properties – Logs section


It also has a feature to warn you if you attempt to open a session, from the same data source, as another user. The application uses the logs to detect an open connection. Note that applications closed while being Offline will not register in the logs as closed, and must be manually closed with a right click.


There are also options to prompt for a comment, optional or required, when a session is opened or closed. Prompt for comment on open will also prompt for comments when a password is viewed or copied.


The Warn if already opened option is supported in Embedded (tabbed) display mode only.

Both prompt for comments are supported in embedded and external display mode.





Warn if already opened

Monitors all users of the current data source to verify if the session is already opened. This prevents "stealing" sessions from other users.

Prompt for comment on open

Prompt the user for a comment when launching the session and when viewing or copying the password. These comments are logged in the entry's logs.

Open comment is required

Forces the user to enter an Open session comment.

Prompt for comment on close

Prompt the user for a comment when closing the session. Close comments are logged in the entry's logs.

Close comment is required

Force the user to enter a Close session comment.

Right click on the log entry to display the contextual menu to show the log details. You can export the log or view more information about users.

Right-click on a log entry to display the Log Details contextual menu.

Log details contextual menu

Log details contextual menu


View Details window

The View Details window has three tabs: General, Details and Comments.

General Tab

The General tab displays session information to identify the entry and also displays the session running time. Notes can be entered using the contextual menu in the log entry grid.

Details tab

The Details tab display information on the user and computer from which the session was started and on the destination host. It also displays information if the session was forcibly closed using the Close menu.

Comments tab

The Comments tab displays the On Open comment and On Close comment.