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The Information side menu contains general information regarding your computer, software, hardware, expiration warranty, etc...

Information side menu

Information side menu

The various sections of this feature are mostly for you to input information regarding the entry's specifics (usually the target host). The sections are divided as follows:

General: Enter specific information regarding the computer, such as operating system, MAC address and hardware description. This will also enable certain actions within the dashboard, for example the Wake-on-LAN.

Software: Here you can input a list all software installed on the remote computer as well as indicate the server roles.

Hardware: Specify the hardware information of the remote computer.

Contact: Enter contact information or link to a contact entry. It can be useful when managing a third party server.

Purchase: Enter information related to the invoice or the purchase of the equipment.

Custom Fields: Define custom properties and values that can then be access via variables ($CUSTOM_FIELD1$, $CUSTOM_FIELD2$, etc.) in child connections or Macros/Scripts/Tools. You must be an administrator or have additional privileges to reveal password in order to view the protected values.

Statistics: View who created or update the entry, as well as the date.