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CyberArk AIM



This entry is used to define and configure a CyberArk AIM credential entry. Retrieve credentials from CyberArk AIM server and improve credentials security.


A Remote Desktop Manager Site License is necessary to use the CyberArk AIM entry.


As per this initial implementation, you must create a credential entry FOR EACH credential that you want to access from Remote Desktop Manager. A second phase is planned where the REST API will be used rather then AIM.




All the needed information's to create a CyberArk credential entry in Remote Desktop Manager is provided below. To retrieve the information easily, match the numbers from the credential entry picture below in Remote Desktop Manager with the same numbers from the CyberArk portal.

The images from the CyberArk portal are below as well.


CyberArk AIM Credential Entry

CyberArk AIM Credential Entry


Privileged Account Security Portal

Privileged Account Security Portal


CyberArk Applications Tab

CyberArk Applications Tab


CyberArk Accounts Tab

CyberArk Accounts Tab




1. Web services URL

Enter the Privileged Account Security URL.

Use "My Account Settings"

Use the username stored in File - My Account Settings - CyberArk AIM.


Enter the username to connect on Cyberark.

2. Application server URL

Enter the URL to the CyberArk AIM web server.

Example: https://<host.domain>/AIMWebService/v1.1/AIM.asmx

3. Application ID

Enter the name of the name of the application ID for the CyberArk Central Credential Provider web services. This information will be provided by your CyberArk administrator.

Show / Hide Application ID

Click to view the Application ID.

Click to hide the Application ID.

4. Safe name

Enter the name of the safe where the entries are created.


Enter the folder name where the entries have been created. Provided by your CyberArk administrator. The default value is "root"

6. Object

Enter the object name of the entry.