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This entry is used to define and configure a CyberArk credential entry. Retrieve credentials directly from a CyberArk Vault using their REST APIs.

The CyberArk integration requires either a Remote Desktop Manager Site or a Global license.

As per this initial implementation, you must create a credential entry FOR EACH credential that you want to access from Remote Desktop Manager. A feature to list accounts is being implemented at this time. You can alternatively use the PACLI to generate a CSV file that can be paired with a CSV Synchronizer to have entries generated automatically at a regular frequency.


To retrieve the information easily, match the numbers from the credential entry picture below in Remote Desktop Manager with the same numbers from the CyberArk portal.

The images from the CyberArk portal are below as well.


CyberArk - General Tab

CyberArk - General Tab



Web services URL

Enter the Privileged Account Security (PAS) URL. (It typically is ends by PasswordVault although just the root is need in this field.) e.g. if accessing the PAS using, you would simply specify in this field.

Virtual Directory

Used to specify when the PAS solution is not deployed at the root of a web site. It would be the case when there is an extra folder between the root of the address (.com) and the PasswordVault string


Select which version you wish to use.

Use "My Account Settings"

Use the username/password combination stored in File – My Account Settings – CyberArk.


Enter the username to connect on Cyberark's PAS solution.


Enter the password to connect on Cyberark's PAS solution.

Safe name

Enter the name of the safe where the entries are stored.


Enter the folder name where the entries have been stored. Provided by your CyberArk administrator. The default value is "root"


Enter the keywords that will help locate the entry.Their API will perform a partial match in their Name field. Note that if the keywords match with multiple results, an error will be displayed.



CyberArk - Advanced Tab

CyberArk - Advanced Tab




Domain search method

Specify how you wish to search for the Domain.

Domain field

Specify the field (and possibly content) of the Domain field.


CyberArk PAS screen