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The Synchronizer family is a category of entries that can maintain Remote Desktop Manager in sync with an external data source. It will create sessions from information obtained from the source.


You should use security to prevent non-privileged users from using them.


Our recommendations are;


Disable the "Synchronize automatically" setting. If enabled, it runs after every data source refresh.

Use our "command line" feature and schedule a task to run it at the frequency of your choice. You can get the proper command line in the advanced properties of the synchronizer itself.

If the synchronizer changes a lot of sessions, it may be best to use a "RDM service account", meaning one not used by one of your users. It will help clearing our historical data from our logs.


Please consult these topics for details on each one.


Active Directory

Comma Separated Values






Add a new Synchronizer entry

Add a new Synchronizer entry