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The General tab allows to override the display mode, credentials and Remote Desktop Manager Jump settings.



The display settings allows to select a different display mode and monitor for a session.


The display mode override is only available for entries of the Session family.


Display override

Display override


Please consult the Display Mode topic for information on available settings and their usage.



It is possible to override Remote Desktop Manager Jump settings.


Jump override

Jump override



Override Credentials allows to specify other credentials than the ones stored in an entry. Multiple sources can be available according to your security practices and policies.


The credentials override is available for all entry types.


Credentials override

Credentials override





Specify a custom username, domain, and password.

Existing credential entry

Use an existing credential entry.

Embedded credential entry

Use an Embedded credentials. For more information, please consult the Credential Entry Override topic.

My personal credentials

Use the credentials stored in My Personal Credentials (Note 1)

Private Vault credential entry

Use an entry from your Private Vault. (Note 2)




1.The My Personal Credentials is essentially a credential entry that is stored on your local machine. It is typically used in a corporate environment where one has a primary set of credentials that is used for managing the infrastructure.


2.The Private Vault credential entry is only available if the administrator has allowed usage of the Private Vault in Data Source Settings.