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Shortcut/Linked Entries



A shortcut is the reiteration of an existing entry. In contrast to a duplicated entry, which has its own ID and properties, a shortcut is a link to an entry and its properties.

There are a few scenarios where a user would want to use the same entry differently, such as connecting to two different hosts with a single RDP session.


For example, it is possible to:


assign different access to the same entry;

create a favorite folder with everything centralized;

reuse a document for different scenarios.


These two entries are the exactly the same

These two entries are the exactly the same


Create shortcuts by using the menus

1.Select the entry to create the shortcut for.

1.1. Right-click the entry – Edit – Create Shortcut...

Context menu – Edit – Create Shortcut...

Context menu – Edit – Create Shortcut...


1.2. ...Or, use Edit - Create Shortcut.

Edit menu - Create Shortcut

Edit menu - Create Shortcut


Simply chose the destination folder for the shortcut. The application will automatically refresh and display the new shortcut in the list.


There is no visual differences between the shortcut and the original entry. Therefore, you’ll need to delete all entries to completely remove them.


Create shortcuts by specifying multiple destination folders

Shortcuts can be created at the same time as the entry is created. Since the shortcuts of the entry is based on its folder list, simply specify more than one destination folder. Use the browse button (…) to select manually the desired folders.



To select multiple items, hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the tree nodes.