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The Add tab allows to quickly create entries, duplicate them, create shortcut or rapidly save an entry as a template.




Edit – Add

Edit – Add




New Entry

Create a new entry (session, folder, information entry, credentials, etc.).

Duplicate Entry

Create a duplicate of your entry.

Create Shortcut

Link your entry to more than one group. For more information, please consult the Shortcut/Linked Entries topic.

Save as Template

Save the selected entry as a local or shared template.



Add multiple entries at once


It is possible to add multiple entries of the same type at the same time. Use the Add batch counter to select the number of entries to add.


Batch add entries

Batch add entries


The user is prompted to specify the properties for each entry successively.


Folder entries are added as separate entries by default. This behavior can be modified to add multiple folder in a hierarchy structure. Change this behavior from File – Options – Advanced by enabling the Add folder in hierarchy during batch add.