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Devolutions Web Login is a web browser extension used to retrieve credentials from a client application or a remote server, such as Remote Desktop Manager or Devolutions Password Server respectively. Once properly installed and connected to a source of data, Devolutions Web Login will automatically obtain credentials to log you in to any website.


Advanced users, other browser extensions, or even JavaScript injection can all result in the password being read from the password edit control, even if it displays dots instead of the password. Any use of an external browser must be carefully weighted against your security requirements.

The Devolutions Web Login was created for a normal desktop environment. It uses inter process communication (IPC) with the client application. Using it on a terminal server introduces a level of risk that may be unacceptable for corporate users.


To use it in a safe manner, it is critical that each user is assigned a distinct port and that port be kept secret. An application passcode must be set as well to secure the port. The first client application that starts will be able to use the port exclusively. ALL Devolutions Web Login calling on that port will get the responses, unless an application passcode is required.


Here is a quick overview of the Devolutions Web Login.



Store Credentials


Credentials are stored in entries, which are contained in external data sources used by a local client application such as Remote Desktop Manager, or a remote server using Devolutions Password Server. These entries usually are Login information entries. Fill in the Website and Credential fields and enable the web browser extension link.


Credentials stored in Login (Web) information entry

Credentials stored in Login (Web) information entry



Retrieve Credentials


Once Devolutions Web Login is installed and entries have the web browser extension link enabled, these entries are automatically retrieved from the client application or the remote server when you navigate to the website provided in the entry.


Entries are retrieved automatically

Entries are retrieved automatically



Log in to a Website


Select an entry from the list in Devolutions Web Login to fill in the login information and connect to the website.


Auto-filled credentials

Auto-filled credentials