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Data Source Settings – Password Complexity



The Password Complexity determines the complexity requirements that passwords must meet in the data source. Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or a new entry is created. If this policy is enabled, new passwords must meet some or all of the following minimum requirements:


Minimum length

Minimum lowercase characters

Minimum uppercase characters

Minimum numeric characters

Minimum symbols


Password Complexity requirements in the Data Source Settings determine the default requirements of entries.




The Password Complexity settings determine the minimum requirements for new/changed passwords.


Data Source Settings - Password Complexity

Data Source Settings - Password Complexity


Password complexity requirements in data source settings (above) affects the Default settings of entries (below).


Password Complexit Requirements in Session - Default Settings

Password Complexit Requirements in Session - Default Settings



The Enabled option enables or disables the password complexity requirements.





Disable the password complexity requirements.


Enable the use of the password complexity requirements and force users of the data source to meet the password requirements when settings passwords in entries, new user profiles, etc.


Inherit the password complexity settings from the parent folder.



The Validation is triggered when setting passwords not meeting the minimum requirements.





Do not use any kind of validation when a password does not meet the requirements.


Warns the user that the password does not comply with the password complexity requirements, but allows the user to continue with this password or edit it.


Require the user to meet the password complexity requirements.


Inherit the usage set in the validation folder. When using Inherited, a password must be set to use as the inherited value in the parent folder of the entry.




Click on the New password complexity button  to create a password complexity template. Enter a name and the desired requirements.


Password Complexity requirements

Password Complexity requirements