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Data Source Settings General


The General section allows to manage the availability of different features related to the database.

These settings applies to all users that have access to the data source.

System Settings - General

System Settings - General



Allow user Specific Settings

Allow users to save User Specific Settings.

Allow database clean up

Allows logs and deleted history to be cleaned up. For more information, please consult the Clean up topic.

Allow shortcuts

Allow the reiteration of entries through the shortcut feature.

Allow entry states (Lock, Running, Checkout)

Allow entries to be locked when used or edited.

Allow virtual folders

Allow to store entries in virtual folders. (Not supported with Devolutions Password Server.)

Automatic check in after

Forces checked out entries to check in automatically after a set delay.

Allow sub connections

Allow users to create sub connections.

Add entry mode

Select if users are prompted to choose a template when creating a new entry. Select between:


Template list (include default)

Template list only

No template selection



Allow log comments editing

Enable the log comment editing for all users.

Minimum length (char)

Set the minimum length (in characters) allowed for comments.



Maximum file size (MB)

Limit the size of attachments and document entries to avoid to over load the data source.