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Configure Active Directory Interactive (with MFA Support)


Active Directory Interactive (with MFA Support) allow you to authenticate on your Microsoft SQL Azure data source using your Office365 account + MFA.


Azure with MFA

Azure with MFA

1.Select Active Directory Interactive (with MFA Support) from the Login mode dropdown menu.

2.If you have several Microsoft SQL Azure data sources, you would need to decide if you want to authenticate on each of them at the first connection or only once for all of them.




Prompt to authenticate on each data source.


Prompt to authenticate on the first data source and will use the same login on the other data sources. Easier to switch from one data source to another if you have several of them.

3.Enter the complete email address to authenticate in the Username field.

4.Click on Configure to set the Azure App Settings.

App Registration

App Registration

5.Configure the database to authenticate in the Database field.