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Devolutions Online Database


Please consult topic Online Database for information on this service.

The User Groups Management feature is not available in Devolutions Online Database. Only the Security Group Management system is offered with this type of data source.



Devolutions Online Database - General Tab

Devolutions Online Database - General Tab




Name of the data source.

Always ask password

Always ask password when connecting to the data source.

Create an account for free

Create a new Devolutions Account.


Name of the data base created online. You must use the ellipsis button to select it from the list of online data sources available to the name.

Database ID

Unique Key to identify the data source.

Two factor

Enable the 2-Factor Authentication to access your data source.

Test Credentials

Test the credentials that you have configured to connect on Remote Desktop Manager Online.

User Vault

Connect your Devolutions Online Database to a User Vault stored in a Devolutions Online Drive file (.dod), thus creating your own User Vault containing entries and credentials that no one else has access to.

For more information please see User Vault.

Devolutions Online Database - User Vault

Devolutions Online Database - User Vault


Open a VPN to access your data prior to connecting to your Devolutions Online Database.

Devolutions Online Database - VPN

Devolutions Online Database - VPN


Devolutions Online Database - Advanced

Devolutions Online Database - Advanced



Caching mode

Determine how the entries will be loaded from the data source. See Caching topic for more information.

Ping online method

Indicate the prefer ping online. Select between:


Web request

Auto refresh

Set the interval for the automatic refresh.

Prompt for offline mode on startup

Every time you will connect to your data source, you will be prompted to use the data source in offline mode.

Auto go offline

If the ping online method doesn't work it will automatically go offline.

Disable lock

Disable the option to lock the data source directly. The application still can be locked but the user is not prompted for the data source password when unlocking the application.