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Data Sources


Use File – Data Sources to manage data sources. Remote Desktop Manager supports multiple types of data source. Most are available only with an Enterprise Edition of Remote Desktop Manager.

Please refer to the Data Source Types topic for more information on all supported types of data sources.

Data Sources

Data Sources


Add a new data source

Use the Add button to create a data source configuration.

Edit/Duplicate/Delete data source

Use the buttons to respectively edit, duplicate or delete the selected data source configuration.

Only the configuration will be deleted but the actual file or database will still be available.

Import/Export data source configuration

Use the buttons to respectively import or export the selected data source configuration. The configuration is exported as a .RDD file.

Lock data source

Use the lock button to lock the data source with a password to prevent any modification to a data source configuration. This is useful when having sensitive credentials that you wish to protect from other users.

Unlock data source

Use the unlock button to unlock a data source locked with a password.

On start up

Choose which data source to connect to when the application starts.



Use default data source

Set the data source that you always want to open at start up.

Last used data source

Open with the last used data source.

Prompt for data source

A message box will open on startup for the data source selection.