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Session tools are available in the dashboard and in the session context menu Macros/Scripts/Tools.




There are three types of tools:


Built in tools

Add-on session tools

Session script tools




Built-in Tools


These tools are implemented directly in Remote Desktop Manager and are available without any installation or special configuration.




Computer Management

Opens the Computer Management snap-in for a remote machine.

Inventory Report

Open a Inventory Report for a remote machine.

SNMP Report

Open the SNMP Report for a device on the network.

Event Viewer

Open the Event Viewer for a remote machine.


Open the Windows Services manager for a remote machine.

Server - Home Page

Opens a web page if a home page is configured in the Information tab of the session configuration.

Server - Remote Management (iLO)

Opens a web page, if a remote management link (e.g. iLO) is configured in the Information Tab of the session configuration.

Terminal Sessions

Opens the Remote Desktop Manager Terminal Services dashboard for the selected session, so that you can:

View opened sessions

View the running processes

Send a message

Restart the machine

Logoff the selected user

Shutdown the machine

Wake On Lan

Sends the magic packet command for the Wake-on-LAN.

Continuous Ping

Opens the ping dialog of the selected host and performs a continuous ping.


Opens the ping dialog of the selected host and displays the result.

Port Scan

Execute a port scan of the selected entry and displays the result.

Trace Route

Display the route and measuring transit delays of packets across an network.


Display network statistics to find problems on the network.


Add-on Session Tool


You can extend the built-in list using the SDK and installing the compiled add-on. The new tools will be displayed below the built-in tool list in the menu and the dashboard. By creating your own add-ons, you gain more control on the implementation including execution, configuration and monitoring.


You can use the Add-on Manager, or download them directly from our Website.




The session script tool can be a script, a command line, or a helper applicable to a selected session. They can be configured and shared in the data source. They are listed in the dashboard under the session tool section. Those are useful when you need to execute the same command multiple times.


For more information, see topic Macros/Script/Tools.