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Sticky Password



This entry is used to define and configure a Sticky Password credential entry.




Sticky Password - General tab

Sticky Password - General tab





Enter the Sticky Password account's email.


Enter the Sticky Password account's password.

View / Hide Password

Click the view icon to view your password.

Click the hide icon to hide your password.

Password Generator

Click this icon to display the Password Generator.

Always prompt for password

Check this option to be prompted for the password upon every usage of this entry. It also has the effect of preventing the password from being specified.

Always prompt with list

Displays a list of the available credentials when the Sticky Password entry is used.


Displays the currently selected credentials. Select the credential with the ellipsis button.


Cloud sync

To use Sticky Password in Remote Desktop Manager, the Cloud Sync option must be activated in Sticky Password. Note that this feature is available only with Sticky Password Premium.