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Credential Redirection


Some tools do not provide an Application Programming Interface (API) or support command line parameters to interact with them. 1Password, Firefox Password Manager, Google Password Manager and LastPass are such tools.

In order to leave the credentials in the external tool, and be able to use these credentials with Remote Desktop Manager, we have implemented a mechanism to request the credentials from the tool, then redirect them to a chosen resource.

This is achieved by running a local-access only applicative web server, then displaying a page that will allow you to store the credentials in your Credential repository. Remote Desktop Manager redirects the credentials from your chosen repository to the remote resource.


The tool must be installed on your computer or used with a web browser as an extension.

The browser extension for your Credential repository must be installed and enabled. Follow your repository documentation for details (see below for the URLs that are currently valid.


There are three steps:

1.Create the credential entry.

2.Use a link to these credentials in a Remote Desktop Manager entry.

3.Open the session and use your provider to fill in the credentials.

We will use LastPass in our example, but the steps are the same for 1Password.

Your chosen tool may require to be unlocked once or multiple times depending on your configuration. These steps are not covered by this guide as it may change for each installation.

Creating the credential entry

1. Create a new LastPass entry.

2. Enter a name for your LastPass entry.

3. Select the option Credential redirection.

4. Enter a Name ID (case sensitive). This must be unique within your LastPass repository. It will be used to identify the credentials and will be exposed as a subdirectory of the URL used to intercept the credentials.

LastPass credential

LastPass credential

5. Optionally select a specific browser, or use the default one.

6. Press the Enter Credentials button. This will launch the following sequence of events.

7. Remote Desktop Manager displays the following dialog.

RDM - LastPass

RDM - LastPass

8. The chosen browser is launched for a URL that looks like Notice the middle part is the Name ID entered previously.

9. Enter your credentials to save in the browser

10. Depending on the configuration of your provider, you have to press a keyboard combination, or press on a button for the tool to save the credentials. Please refer to the documentation of your tool for more information.

11. In Remote Desktop Manager, save your credential entry.

12. Using your password provider, confirm that the credentials are saved.

Creating a session using the credential entry

1. Create a new entry, we will use an RDP session for the example.

2. Enter a name for your RDP session.

3. For Credentials select Credential repository and then your newly created credential entry

Credential repository

Credential repository

Using the session

Select your session then launch it. This will initiate the following sequence of events:

1. Remote Desktop Manager will display this informative dialog


2. The chosen browser is launched with the URL associated to the session

3. Depending on your configuration, the credentials are entered automatically, or you have to press a key combination to initiate your tool. Please refer to the documentation of your tool for more information.

4. In the web browser, press submit. The page will be closed after a delay

5. The RDP session is launched and authentication is successful

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