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Private Key



This entry is used to define and configure a Private Key credential entry.


The private keys allows users to authenticate on a remote device using a pair of encrypted public/private key pair. The private key authentication is a very secure authentication approach as long as the private key remains secret.





Private Key - General

Private Key - General




Private key type

Select the private key type to use. Select between:

No private key: No private key will be sent.

File: link the private key file from your computer.

Data: Allows you to specify the textual data of the key. This results in the key being stored within the entry itself and eases distribution.


Enter the private key passphrase.

View / Hide Password

Click on the view icon to view your password.

Click on the hide icon to hide your password.

Password Generator

Click on the icon to display the Password Generator.

Prompt for passphrase

Always ask for passphrase when connecting.


Override the entry's username. Available only when using File or Data private key type.


Override the entry's password. Available only when using File or Data private key type.


Select the private key file. Only available when using the File private key type.

Private Key

Enter the textual data of the private key. It is possible to either paste the data or retrieve it from a file on your computer. Available only when using the Data private key type.

Save private key

Save the private key data to a file.

View private key

Display the private key data in a new window.


Clear the content of the private key.


Paste the clipboard's content into the private key.



Private Key - Advanced tab

Private Key - Advanced tab




Automatically load to key agent

Automatically load your Private Key in the Key Agent Manager.