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This entry is used to define and configure a LastPass credential entry.


LastPass offers different features per subscription plans. Remote Desktop Manager supports certain features of each plan:



2-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) and Secure Notes. The ones that contain both a UserName and Password are displayed in Remote Desktop Manager (Server, Email account, Database, Instant Messenger).


2-Factor Authentication (YubiKey), please see LastPass, Yubikey and mobile access section below


Shared Folders





LastPass - General tab

LastPass - General tab





The integrated mode allows you to determine which Account name, password and credential you want to use in your LastPass entry.

Credential redirection

Please refer to Credential Redirection for full instructions.

Account name

LastPass account name (Email address).


Password to access the LastPass account.

Always prompt for password

Always ask for password when connecting to LastPass.

Two factor

select the 2-Factor Authentication for the LastPass account. Select between:


Google Authenticator

Yubikey (please see LastPass, Yubikey and mobile access section below)

Always prompt with list

Always prompt with the list of credentials accessible from LastPass.


Use the ellipsis to select the credential in your LastPass database, its title will be displayed when there is a selection.


LastPass YubiKey and mobile access


Remote Desktop Manager uses the mobile interface of LastPass to perform its integration.


Within LastPass, the option for YubiKey may be confusing but could have an impact on the perceived security of your account. If you decide to turn on the Permit Mobile Device Access setting, the YubiKey code won't be required when going through the mobile interface (, this means that only your master password will be required, which in fact removes the benefit of two-factor authentication.


Remote Desktop Manager has no means to detect what options are enabled in your LastPass account, therefore it will prompt you for the YubiKey code which may lead you to think that it is validated, but it is simply ignored by LastPass services. If you must enable Permit Mobile Device Access for any reason, you should set the two factor mode to None for your entries just as a clear indication that the YubiKey code is not required.


LastPass - YubiKey Integration

LastPass - YubiKey Integration


If Yubikey is mandatory you will have to Enable the Permit Mobile Device Access, because LastPass has a security feature to Restrict Mobile Devices that are using the mobile interface, we strongly recommend  that you turn on the restrictive mode and authorize devices on a case by case basis.


LastPass Account Settings

LastPass Account Settings


If you try to connect on your mobile device, you will receive an email asking you permission to allow that mobile device to access your LastPass account, you will then be allowed to enter your Yubikey on their website and then approve the access for your mobile.  We have added the required features to identify your Remote Desktop Manager instance as a mobile device.


Please consult current LastPass documentation for the concepts presented above.


Credential Redirection Mode


Please refer to Credential Redirection for full instructions.


Dynamic Credential Linking


Please refer to Dynamic Credential for more information.