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This entry is used to define and configure a KeePass credential entry. Use a KeePass plugin to send the credential to Remote Desktop Manager. The KeePass application must be running and the database must be opened.


Consult KeePass Plugin topic for the step-by-step installation of the KeePass Plugin extension.


KeePass 1.X is not supported.


This type has recently been improved to support linking to multiple KeePass databases simultaneously.  Simply add all the paths separated by semi-colons in the Database control.





KeePass - General tab

KeePass - General tab





The default KeePass database is selected by Remote Desktop Manager.

Set database path manually

This option needs to be checked if you wish to manually indicate the location of your database.  If you wish to use multiple databases at once, simply list their respective paths separated by semi-colons.

Install Plug-in

Install the KeePass Plug-in on your computer.

More information (installation and required settings)

Provide information on the KeePass Plug-in.


Credential Selection

KeePass - Credential Selection tab

KeePass - Credential Selection tab





Universal Unique Identifier of the entry in the database.


Name of the entry in the database.

Always prompt with list

Always prompt with the list of credentials when connecting.

Allow view credentials action

Enables the View credentials command.


See Dynamic Credential topic for more information on Dynamic Credential Linking.