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Credential entries are use to store account information, such as usernames, passwords, domains, etc. Credentials are available from the credential repository, a collection of all the credentials stored in the data source.


Credential entries are available in Remote Desktop Manager – Enterprise edition and allows you to set multiple sessions to use a specific credentials in the data source. This simplifies management by allowing you to maintain a single credential entry for multiple sessions.


To create a credential entry, use the New Entry button and select the Credentials section.


Credential entries

Credential entries


The credential branch


By default, credentials are stored in the same list as other entries are. This behavior can be changed so credentials are stored in a separated list.

To separate credentials from other entries, navigate to File - Options - User Interface - Tree View. Under UI Options, disable the Merge credential list with sessions option.


Credentials node from the tree view 

Credentials node from the tree view


The credential repository


The credential repository is the collection of all the credentials stored in the data source. The credential repository allows for using the same credential entry for multiple session.


Currently, the credential repository is available for Folders, Sessions, VPN, Login (Account) and Login (Web) entry types.


When configuring a session select Credential repository from the Credential drop down list, then select the desired credential entry from the credentials list.


Select a credential entry

Select a credential entry


To configure the credential repository to prompt you to select a set of credentials, which allows for using multiple credentials for the same host, select Prompt on connection from the credential list.


Prompt with a list of credentials when launching a session

Prompt with a list of credentials when launching a session


Available credential entries


There are multiple types of credentials, some of which require an external application. For more information, please consult the following topics:



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One Time Password (OTP)


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PasswordBox [Deprecated]


Pleasant Password Server

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Sticky Password

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