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Context Menu



The Context Menu contains several session-specific actions available to you, the actions will change depending on which type of session is selected in your tree view. Right click on your session for the context menu to appear.


Context Menu

Context Menu


Open Selection

Open the selected session in your tree view.


Open with Parameters

See Open with Parameters for more information.


View Password

View the session password. You must have the proper rights to enable that option. The Administrator of the Data Source controls if View Password is permitted or not.


Copy Username

Copy the username define in your session to the clipboard.


Copy Password

Copy the password define in your session to the clipboard.


When using an Advanced Data Source, the administrator can control in the Data Source Settings if Copy Passwords is permitted or not.


The password to clipboard must also be allowed for the feature to be available. Check "Allow copy credentials to clipboard" for the given session. For security reasons the clipboard will be cleared after 10 seconds when copying a password, the delay can be configured in the system options. See Options for more information.


New Entry

See Creating a New Entry for more information.


Duplicate Entry

Creates a duplicate of your entry.



See Add for more information.



See Edition for more information.



See Favorite for more information.


Play List

See PlayList for more information.



See Clipboard for more information.


Execute Typing Macro

See Typing Macro for more information.



See Macros/Scrips/Tools for more information.



See View for more information.



See Import for more information.



See Export for more information.


Expand All

Expand all the groups in the Navigation pane when the Tree view mode is used.


Collapse All

Collapse all the groups in the Navigation pane when the Tree view mode is used.



Open the General Settings of your session.