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System Settings - General - Security

System Settings - General - Security



Create Vault with restricted access by default

Automatically secure the vault settings when creating a repository. Therefore, the permissions settings are set to Never.

Force data source 2-factor configuration

Require the users to have a 2-factor configuration applied on the data source. Not shown with Devolutions Password Server as 2FA set elsewhere.

Resolve credentials in overview

Displays username and password fetched from a Credential repository in the entry overview in the dashboard. Uncheck this option if it takes too long to resolve.

Use legacy security

Use the old system of managing privileges: security groups.



Time of day

Select the hours which the data source is limited to. Select between:

Any time: the session can be used at any hour.

Custom: manually select the time frame the session is available for.

Time of week

Select which days the data source is available for. Select between:

Any day: the session can be used any day of the week or week-end.

Week days: the session can be used only the week days.

Week ends: the session can be used only the week ends.

Custom: manually select each day the session is available for.

Time Zone

Select the time zone you are currently in.