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Batch Edit



The Batch Edit feature allows to change the settings of multiple entries in one operation. For example, it can be used to remove or update the credentials of a group of sessions.



Edit - Batch Edit

Edit - Batch Edit


The batch edit allows to change:


Hostname/IP address


General Settings

Session type settings

Specific settings

Security group


Advanced selection


Select multiple entries by using the usual Ctrl/Shift + Left-click, etc. For a method with a little more power, use the Advanced Search feature, which allows to select multiple entries at once, based on the defined criteria. The advanced search is available in View – Advanced Search.


Advanced Search 

Advanced Search


Press on Select in Navigation Pane to select the same entries as in the Advanced Search dialog. Then use Edit – Batch Edit to edit all the selected entries.




Change Saved Host Name

Apply a new host name to all the selected sessions.


Change host name

Change host name


Change Saved Credentials

Change the configured credentials of all the selected sessions.


Change your credentials

Change your credentials




Use Specified credentials

Use a specific user name, password and domain.

Use credential repository

Use a Credential entry linked entry which can can be external credentials like KeePass for example. This is very useful for sharing or reusing existing credentials among entries.

Use Inherited

Use the credentials of it's parent entry or group.

Use my personal credentials

Use the credentials set in My Personal Credentials.

Use private vault search

Search for a credential entry in the private vault.


Prompt the user for credentials every time they connect.


Reset All Saved Credentials

Clear the existing credentials of all the selected sessions.


Reset All Saved Passwords

Clear the existing passwords of all the selected sessions.


Edit Sessions (General Settings)

Edit Sessions (General Settings) allows you to change the common settings of all the selected entries. The following common settings can be changed:




Allow show credentials (everybody)




Tab Page Category/Color


Information (General, Hardware, Purchase, Notes, Custom Fields)






Batch Edit – Common settings

Batch Edit – Common settings


Edit Sessions (Session Type Settings)

Change settings that are is available only for specific session types, such as Microsoft RDP.


Sessin Type Settings

Sessin Type Settings


Edit Sessions (User/Local Specific Settings)

Specific Settings can be modified in a batch if supported by the type of the edited entries.


User Specific Settings

User Specific Settings


Edit Sessions (Security Group)

Apply a new security group on all the selected entries.


Security Group

Security Group