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Root - Settings

Root - Settings




Allow RTF description

Allow rich text format in description of entries.

Allow clear password history

Allow password history to be cleared from the data source.

Allow information entry with multiple types

Allow information entries to contain multiple types of information entries in one.

Allow note in information

Allow the Note tab in the Information section of the properties of entries.





Default template

The Default template of the documentation feature is displayed when creating a new documentation page.


Three options are available:


Tutorial is the default template offered with Remote Desktop Manager.

Empty won't display any template when creating a new documentation page.

Custom allow to define a personalized template.


Style Sheet

The Style Sheet allows to define custom CSS code to replace the default style of the documentation. Once an element of the style has been changed, other elements won't have any style unless they are changed as well.


Manage Templates

Add or edit templates for new pages.