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Remote Desktop Manager can be downloaded as setup files, or as a binary compressed (zip) file.




Depending on the downloaded media, either run the setup, or extract the files from the archive in any folder and launch the executable. If you wish to use a portable device, or run multiple independent copies of the application, please consult Portable (USB).




Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition comes with a 30 day-trial. If you possess a purchased license of the Enterprise Edition, please follow the instructions at Register Enterprise Edition. To register the Free Edition, please refer to the Register Free Edition.


Data Source


By default, a local data source is created using the SQLite format. You can add as many data sources as needed. Please consult Data Source Overview for more information.


To use a SQL Server or SQL Azure data source, refer to the Configure SQL Server topic.


External Applications


Configure your installation path for all external applications you intend to utilize such as RealVNC, Putty, Filezilla, etc. Set the paths in File – Options – Path.


Terminal Services


Please consult the Terminal Services topic.