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Checklist for Individuals



We have created a checklist to help you getting start with Remote Desktop Manager for individuals or for teams of three users or less that do not want to implement security.



Step 1 - Register your license

Step 2 - Choose your data source type (individuals)

Step 3 - Set up your data source with a master key or encryption

Step 4 - Setup you Devolutions Online Backup

Step 5 - Create your Default Settings

Step 6 - Import your data


Register Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition grants you a 30 day trial. Refer to the procedure in the Register Enterprise Edition topic to register your license key. If you decide not to register by the end of the 30 day trial, your data will not be altered or erased, and you will have full access to it once you provide a license key. Please, consult our Free Edition or Online Database topic to register one of those two products.


Choose your data source type

When choosing any data source type that is not on-premises, you need to think of the safety of the data at rest and during transport. we strongly recommend that you further encrypt your data by applying a Master key for file-based solutions, or a Security Provider for Advanced Data Sources. This will ensure that the data cannot be read by anyone but you..


Upon first launch, Remote Desktop Manager uses an SQLite data source. The data sources are elaborated further in the Data Sources overview topic, but for help in choosing the data source that is right for your requirements please consult Choosing your data source (Individuals).


Setup your Devolutions Online Backup

The Online Backup allows you to securely backup your information for the following data sources: Devolutions Online Drive, SQLite, XML or Microsoft Access. The backup is automatically executed 30 seconds after any modifications are made to the data source content. It is a best practice to always back up your data source. If using another type of data source, please consult our Backup Best Practices topic to use the best solution for your chosen data source.


Create your Default Settings

In File - Templates - Default Settings you will be able to create, edit or reset your default settings when a new entry is created. Each entry type is supported and can have a default template defined to fit your requirements.


Import your data

The final step is to import all of your data into Remote Desktop Manager. You can import your sessions, logins and contacts in a few easy step.