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User Management Integrated Security


Integrated Security is a Microsoft technology, which uses the credentials of the current Windows session and send them automatically to the remote resources for authentication.

This feature is available with the SQL Server or Devolutions Password Server data sources.


To use the Integrated Security, enable the Integrated Security box in the User Management window. The Password field is disabled because the operating system will provide a cached copy automatically.

Integrated Security

Integrated Security

When the option is activated, an ellipsis button either appears or is enabled. Click this button to display the Select User dialog.

Select User

Select User

Ensure the appropriate domain is displayed in the From this location field. Sometime the location defaults to the local computer. Click the Locations button to browse for the domain instead.

When using Integrated Security, the currently running windows session must be from a user of the domain. If you need to use other credentials, Remote Desktop Manager must be started using the RUNAS command as described in Running Remote Desktop Manager as Another User.