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Role Management


Roles in Remote Desktop Manager manages multiple users at the same time by grouping them. The management of permissions granted to roles are quite similar to the corresponding notions for users, but instead of a single user, they apply to all users to which you've assigned the role.

This feature is only available with an Advanced Data Source.

Roles in Devolutions Password Server

Roles in Devolutions Password Server are in fact links to Active Directory groups. By leveraging Active Directory integration you can easily define access rights for all domain users in your organization. Once a domain user log in the Devolutions Password Server data source, their user account will be created if needed and users rights will be controlled by the defined groups.

Please note that the Unsecured group permissions (the ones above the grid) are ignored. You must set them on each user individually.

For more information please see Devolutions Password Server Role Management.

Create roles

Roles in Remote Desktop Manager are mainly used to group users. You can assign multiple roles to each user. The end result is the union of all permissions given to the roles.

To create a role, in the User and Security Management window, click the Add User button in the Roles section. From the same menu, you can also edit, assign users, delete or refresh.

Roles - Add Role

Roles - Add Role