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The VNC Commands allows you to send remote commands to your host. You will also notice another toolbar holding more defined commands for a VNC session.


VNC Commands

VNC Commands



Refresh Screen

Refresh the host screen.

Window Start Menu

Open the Start menu on the host computer.

Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Send the key combination CTRL+ALT+DELETE to the host.

Send Custom Keys

Send custom keys combination to the host.


Send ALT to the host.


Send CTRL to the host.

View only mode

This will prevent the session from receiving any input from the keyboard or the mouse. This feature was requested to allow monitoring while preventing manipulation errors. Use it to have a read only access to the remote server.

Remote input

Keyboard and pointer events will be sent to the server and the local and remote clipboard will be synchronized.

Open file transfer

Open the file transfer with the host computer.

Open chat dialog

Open a chat dialog with the host computer.


Open the Connection Options window.


Open the window containing information regarding your VNC connection status and traffic.